You must be at least 18 years old to apply and work for this company. Please read and agree to all the important information (explained here) before filling out the rest of the application in its entirety. Applications will be kept on file for 90 days. If you do not hear anything from us within the 90 days, you can fill out and re-submit an application. Thank you.

Notice To Applicants

Before You Apply, Please Be Aware Of The Following:


1. You must have your own transportation. Employees may have different start and quit time and you can not rely on a co-worker for your transportation. Transportation is your responsibility, not that of Behney Fabrication & Welding, Inc. or any of their employees.


2. You must take and pass a pre-employment drug screen within 3 days of being hired. If you have a valid reason for being unable to take the drug screen within 3 days, please notify the person interviewing you. Applicants must pay for the pre-employment drug screen. The cost is about $35.00.


3. If you have any type of classes or meetings or any reason you would need to leave work by a certain time on a regular basis, you must notify the person interviewing you.


4. Please be aware that according to our company work area safety policy, jewelry of any kind, including rings, may not be worn in the plant. Hard hats, steel toe work shoes, and safety glasses must be worn in the plant area. (Company supplies hard hats and safety glasses. You are responsible for steel tip shoes).